Private Security Choices

Private Security Staff
The first and last face of your event.

The police are our protectors. They are societies line in the sand. They protect us while we sleep. They keep the peace and ensure that we are all safe. The police are also stretched thin and working harder than ever. The rise of the private security industry has grown steadily over the past two decades.

The stats…

Private security licenses issued in British Columbia increased from 7,743 to 21,878 between 2004 and 2015 (282.5%). During this same time, the number of police officers in the province increased at a much slower rate from 7,072 to 8,754 (23.8%) (article).

The People…

The men and women, who put themselves through the training and regulatory red tape to provide a service to make your night or event safer are often your next-door neighbour or even your barista working a second job. They are people trying to help make a difference and maybe an extra buck or two.

Having done this myself, I am biased towards these individuals who put their safety on the line to ensure that your night is drama-free. I am referring to those who put themselves out there as professionals. They talk the good talk and walk in looking professional and put together. They have the required credentials.

When you go to the trouble of doing your due diligence and vetting the security team you are hiring, the results speak for themselves.

The Story…

For example; the bar changed ownership. There was the obligatory month-long closure and “refurbishment” that seemed to not refurbish anything. Some staff was not returning, while others moved into more responsible positions.

Busy bar

Several returning staff had developed a rapport with the new owner and requested that the old security staff be reinstated. I was contacted by the new owner and had a meeting shortly before the soft opening of the pub. I was informed that I had been reinstated, but for the first few weeks, there would be an outside security company providing the security staff. The case was made by me to bring back the old security staff but there was not enough time for the owner to vet them. I showed up to work for the first night of the soft opening. The problems for the owner were about to begin. I walked in and saw the new security staff in fully marked security jackets, shirts, and hats sitting at a table having their allotted meal on the house as was provided by the owner. I also noticed two pitchers of beer that these gentlemen had ordered and were consuming before their shift.

Some discrete inquiries were made, and the owner was informed of the pre-shift alcohol consumption. These licensed security professionals either had a problem or forgot why they were there. Fortunately, the old crew of security staff who had run the bar for years were able to come when called, filling the gap and providing security for the evening. Professionals. Every one of them.

The point of this story is that we in the private security field are here to do a job. Providing you peace of mind, safety, and security for whatever your needs are. Please help us help you. Do your due diligence and check on the company you are hiring, and don’t let a few rotten egos ruin the bunch of hard-working friendly staff who are here for you.